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What past
clients say:

“Thank you for your assistance in explaining each step of the investment process and providing us a wealth of knowledge. This has made it much easier for me to become a property investor” 

SF of Glen Waverley

“After my initial purchase in 1994 my original investment property has increased almost 4 times in its value. Today I have a substantial property portfolio that is self sufficient and has improved our future prospects considerably.
Thank you”

DB of Mt Eliza

Years of Success in Property

Our professionalism, integrity and more than 20 years experienced in property selection allows us to offer property in key growth locations that help our clients achieve their long term financial goals.

Key elements & proven factors assist in property selection 

Today our teams past clients enjoy investment properties that we sold to them that have increased in excess of 4 times or 400% of their original value at purchase. These clients tell of positively geared properties that are the foundation of their property portfolios. This provides a brilliant platform and great options in moving forward.

Buy & Hold property for greatest growth & portfolio benefits  

Starting out as a first time investor can appear daunting at the beginning but with the assistance from Real Estate Online we can assist you step by step through the buying process and show you individualised reports on how the given property will potentially work for you. Reports such as the “Professional Investment Analyses” can forecast and provide a detailed look at the real investment needed to make an investment property work for you. This can have any element varied to provide you peace of mind if different scenario’s.

We provide assistance step by step for first time investors   

The Real Estate Online assistance and information allows all investors to make their decision from a “Point of Knowledge”. At the end of the day as it is your decision to proceed with any property put forward to you and when you have a good overview this is when investors can proceed with confidence.

Investment Tips

Buy & hold properties for the longer term. Most experts agree 7 to 10 years & longer.

Target locations that are proven. We verify Short, Medium and Long Term Growth

Buying New will maximise taxation benefits. Existing properties need to be carefully analysed and we recommend discussing the options to see which will benefit you the most. 

Use a proven formula that is tried & tested through at least two property cycles.
Keep balance in the Investment equation. This assists if interest rates move up and if they reduce it only enhances your position.  

Work with an Investment Property specialist with 14 years or 2 property cycles of experience.

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