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How do I know the right Property?

Once you have provided us with your basic details we will then touch base with you and quickly assess how we are best able to help you to achieve your investment property goals.  

We assist all property investors, from novices through to seasoned professionals, to locate the right property that matches their investment objectives.

If you are a first time investor, we encourage you to ask as many questions as needed to allow you to develop a great understanding of all of the key elements of property investing. Our knowledge base gained from more than 25 years of property investing and advising is extremely beneficial to our clients and we take the time to educate you in the finer points of property investment and work with you each step of the way to find you the right property

Our clients complimenting Martin Wyatt of Real Estate Online:

“Martin of Real Estate Online walked us through the entire process, completely professional, precise, knowledgeable and very friendly service” & “The cash flow forecasts for the property, the returns, costs, tax benefits and positive outcomes that he calculated have been spot on”. – M & C Middleton, Frankston South

What past
clients say:

“Thank you for your assistance in explaining each step of the investment process and providing us a wealth of knowledge. This has made it much easier for me to become a property investor” 

SF of Glen Waverley

“After my initial purchase in 1994 my original investment property has increased almost 4 times in its value. Today I have a substantial property portfolio that is self sufficient and has improved our future prospects considerably.
Thank you”

DB of Mt Eliza

1, 2, 3 Key Steps to Property Investment


Step 1 – “Consult with us & let us know your investment objective.” Then we can assist step by step carefully Matching you with the right property for your needs”

• This is your chance to register for free with our Matching Service and let us know some basic information.

• Establishing where you are today and if you’re happy with your current property portfolio? Or do you need to start one!

• We offer a free consultation and we share plenty of our knowledge on successful methods of property investing. The right knowledge could save you thousands in structure costs alone before considering other costs over the life of the investment property.

Save thousands setting up & matching the right property!

You may already have a portfolio of property and a meeting at this time can be very beneficial. Matching the right option for you, in terms of location, structure, equity levels, impact on Government Benefits and a range of other factors, could easily be the foundation to proceed with the multiplier effect, making the purchase of further property easier.

At your consultation ask about “The multiplier effect”

Review of the key elements:

  • Free Consultation to explore if Investment Property is an appropriate match to your needs. The type of investment that property offers needs to be our first consideration.
  • We verify that you are “Investment ready” & build your knowledge so you can be successful utilising “Smarter Property Investing Methods” – This can save you tens of thousands alone & is well proven to have substantial benefit & this knowledge is Free as part of our process.
  • Identify & detail Property Investing structures making it easy to decide which will work best for your position. Verify a comfortable & secure purchase price range plus matching style of property to required outcomes.

Step 2 – “Property Matching Service”

We have now established a good understanding of the key aspects. Now we assess property to match the right choice for your investment needs.

Our research is comprehensive & includes locations, comfortable price points within your capacity & a balance in the property portfolio. We examine the properties on a variety of characteristics, each important to the short, mid & long term benefits that property can offer.

Having access to Australia’s largest stock lists of Investment specific property to conduct extensive searching, we know when we sit down with you we have a property matched specifically to your needs.

At this time, we will detail the Property we have “Matched”, as this makes the selection of an Investment Property so much easier for you.

Step 3 – “Securing a quality package”

• Once we have considered the “Matched Property” our purchasers find the selection process easy.

• We provide ample time for each step of the process & provide as much assistance as you require.

• The process of securing a property is more straight forward & far less daunting than most realise.

  • A deposit of generally only $1,000 can secure the right property option & this then provides ample time for further steps, such as finance, liaising with a solicitor or conveyancer and any other relevant professional advice.
  • We have Panels of Professionals should you need assistance. These professionals are from our good feedback list which has been built over 20 years.
  • We provide assistance & advice throughout the buying process to settlement, through to property management & beyond.
  • When you want to build a property portfolio we often become the trusted property partner of choice!

Smarter structuring saves thousands – Get it right first time!

It is best to invest via successful & proven structures that allow you to maximise not only your initial investment but provides scope to build a portfolio should you wish to!

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