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The National Rental Affordability Scheme

The National Rental Affordability Scheme or NRAS was launched for the purpose of providing assistance and funding to increase the supply of affordable rental dwellings, reduce rental costs to low to mid income earners and to encourage investment on a large scale to provide more affordable housing.

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NRAS Key Incentives for Property Investors

NRAS allows Property Investors to assist with Australia’s housing shortage. This is achieved by providing an incentive to the Investor to reduce the rent by 20% or more. In return the property investor receives a substantial benefit of $10,350 per annum (2013/14) indexed for 10 years with basic qualifying elements applying.

NRAS offers a substantial annual tax-free incentive, the NRAS Incentive, for every
dwelling built under its auspices.

Investors need to apply for NRAS Incentives, and if offered, must agree to rent
approved dwellings at a rate that is at least 20 per cent below prevailing market rates,
to low and moderate income households.

The NRAS Incentive is a funding stream not available to standard residential property
investors. Each approved dwelling attracts the NRAS Incentive for 10 years, so long
as investors continue to comply with conditions relating to tenant eligibility and rent

The annual income-tax free Incentive is currently $10,350 per dwelling, and is indexed each year to the rental component of the CPI. The Incentive comprises:

  • an Australian Government contribution of $7,763 per dwelling per year (as a refundable tax offset or payment); and
  • a State or Territory Government contribution of $2,587 per dwelling per year
    (in direct or in-kind financial support).

The Incentive provided under the Scheme assists investors and property developers to
work up proposals that offer an attractive and competitive rate of return.

The Government is committed to ensuring that the full value of the NRAS Incentive is
passed to all investors. Prospective investors are encouraged to talk to the Australian
Tax Office before finalising their investment structure or applying for NRAS
Incentives, to ensure this policy objective is achieved.

The Australian Government has no legal or equitable claim over an NRAS property.

Click to Download NRAS Booklet

Working Example:

Tenant Benefit – Market Rent $375 pw Minus NRAS 20% = Rent $300 pw
Investor Benefit - Rent of $300 pw + NRAS Benefit of $183 pw = $483 pw
IE Property purchase $350,000 can comfortably return $483 pw with Rent & NRAS.

Where are NRAS properties located?

Properties are located in areas deemed to be in high rental demand with very low vacancy rates. This generally means the same area would expect to attract strong capital growth thus being ideal for Property Investors.

What can Tenants earn?

NRAS allows a family to earn up to $136,580 This earning will range from individuals, couple, families but we can match the best type of property for the location to maximise this return for the Investor.

1st Adult
2nd Adult
Additional Adults
Each Child
2 Adults
2 Adults & 1 Child
2 Adults & 2 Children
2 Adults & 3 Children

The NRAS tenant income limits are indexed using the ‘All Groups component
of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) Percentage Change from Corresponding
Quarter of Previous Year, March Quarter, using the all groups weighted
average of eight capital cities’ as published by the Australian Bureau of


NRAS has a limited opportunity for property investors to take advantage with the last
release of NRAS Certified Properties almost upon us. This has been the once in a
generation opportunity and many smart investors have multiple NRAS properties
across multiple state of Australia.

Up to 35,000 new dwellings will be supported in the years up to 2014-15, with a
further 15,000 dwellings to be supported beyond 2014-15.


NRAS is not a public housing program; it is a
tax incentive to induce more private investment in the lower price range of the
residential construction market.

Australian Government NRAS Info... Click here


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