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“Thank you for your assistance in explaining each step of the investment process and providing us a wealth of knowledge. This has made it much easier for me to become a property investor” 

SF of Glen Waverley

“After my initial purchase in 1994 my original investment property has increased almost 4 times in its value. Today I have a substantial property portfolio that is self sufficient and has improved our future prospects considerably.
Thank you”

DB of Mt Eliza


Background Research, Verification & Due Diligence

When Real Estate Online considers offering a property to its investors we examine a multiple number of elements before we make the decision to proceed with the property. Considerations such as:

Strong Capital Growth Locations

We focus on targeting growth locations that provide the right balance in infrastructure, an element of lifestyle and a balanced equation which is ideal for investment.  

Verifiable Growth 

We consider many elements when considering the “Short – Medium - Long Term” factors of Growth. There are many influences that can make a shorter term growth fluctuate and this is why we also confirm mid and longer term performances of a given location.

Highly Tenantable Packages

We include properties that have the right characteristics to obtaining beneficial rental returns. The first time investor can sometimes not consider all of the factors and can often short change themselves on rental returns, associated capital growth and the eventual resale value of the property.
We find even the experienced investor can need assistance in optimising their return on investment properties.     

Strong Rental Returns   

The strength of your rental return will come back to a number of factors such as correct property selection, floor plans, the right management, pricing, inclusions or exclusions and level of demand of the properties location. 
The next phase is assisting the rental return to have ongoing strength as you go about building your portfolio.

Verified Pricing

We will verify the price of any property offered for sale through Real Estate Online. This may come in the form of one or more of independent valuation, current sales of similar properties or with the assistance of associated reporting IE Quantity Surveyors Reports and will always be verified by your own lenders valuer.   

Depreciation Schedules

Depreciation is the tax benefit provided to write down the value of the property and its fixtures and fittings. This is a major component that assists in making an investment property highly effective and is a key element in assisting investors when building a portfolio.    
The ATO will only recognise “Depreciation Schedules” prepared by specifically indentified and qualified people IE Quantity Surveyors.

Maximising taxation benefits

There are a number of ways to maximise your taxation benefit, Buying New Property, Negative Gearing and naturally Depreciation are 3 main key ingredients.   The ATO provides these incentives because if we do not build rental properties this job will fall back to the Government. At present it is estimate the housing shortage in Australia is between 100,000 and 200,000 properties and as such it makes sense to supply a tax benefit to assist in housing the rental population.

Property Investment Analyses Report

A Property Investment Analyses Report (PIA) can be supplied with input data from the investor that allows us to show your own unique scenario of how the investment will work for you. It will provide the most comprehensive analyses all based upon the structure and data provided by the investor. 

Turn Key Packages Available

When a Turn Key Package is offered a more detailed examination must often take place to verify that the inclusions and specifications of the package are beneficial to the investor. This can work extremely well for the investor with the right package and builder. This format has unfortunately also attracted some businesses that have used marketeers or multi level platforms to sell their product have concealed excessive fee structures which can mean your paying for items and above the actual property. 

Inclusions and Specifications

At Real Estate Online as we work closely with the builders and developers and often we can liaise on what inclusions and specifications are provided with many of the packages. Savings can often be passed onto our clients in an increase in the property features and specifications that are included in the end package. This adds real value and virtually instant equity on many of the projects that we work.    

Insights from more than 20 years of Investment experience….

The additional benefit of working with property and developments for more than 20 years enables us to add further knowledge of what to be looking out for in a new development today. We have seen pitfalls and brilliant success stories unfold over time. This knowledge allows our clients to ask virtually any question and in most cases we have many examples of previous investors. This allows us to learn from others and save many investors from potential mistakes and hopefully allow us to turn them into another success investment story. 


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